Tom Cotton

TIMID TOM: Silent so far on Trump’s Ukraine intervention.

Democrats seem likely to finally move on impeachment with the latest news: Donald Trump held back military aid to Ukraine days before his call to the leader of the country in which he urged an investigation of political rival Joe Biden.


Self-impeachment, some are calling it, given Trump’s own words confirming the broad outlines.

Call French Hill, Steve Womack, Rick Crawford, Bruce Westerman, John Boozman and Tom Cotton. Do they care?


The national press, if not the local press, has begun attempting to reach Republicans in Congress, rather than following Trump’s red herring on Biden. Tough-talking Tom Cotton was among those dodging the Washington Post.

Alice Stewart, the Arkansan now a GOP mouthpiece on CNN, is already stirring the what’s-the-point pot given the Republican-held Senate. Rule of law, maybe?


UPDATE: Fine column by Margaret Sullivan of Washington Post on how Trump has conned media, not just Fox News, into buying the Trump con job that the story is about Joe Biden, not him.