Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s reconfigured state government, which combined 42 agencies into 15 departments with “secretaries,” many enjoying pay raises for their new titles, couldn’t very well get along without new logos, could it?

The governor announced today that the 15 agencies have a new logo and there’s a new general seal for the state as a whole.

Said a news release:

The new logos will be implemented in an efficient and cost-effective manner, meaning all current forms of communications, such as letterhead and envelopes, will be used before ordering new stock. The departments have already begun using the logos on social media and in email signatures. You can find all 15 logos HERE
“Each of the 15 departments has a unique role in state government, but the overall goal is the same: identify efficiencies in order to provide a better delivery of services to the people of our state at less cost to the taxpayer,” said Governor Hutchinson. “I believe the unified design of these logos reinforces that message by giving each department its own identity while maintaining a consistent look across the 15 departments.”
The news release said CJRW, which handles several state advertising accounts,  designed the logos at no cost.