TRUMP INQUIRY POLL: Here are some of the responses published by New York Times.

The New York Times has polled the House on holding an impeachment inquiry.

Predictably, the Republicans from Arkansas who responded said no. The polling was done presumably before still more evidence, from Trump himself in a reconstruction of his phone call with the leader of Ukraine, that he tried to make trouble for Joe Biden through a foreign investigation.


The responses the Times received from Arkansas’s members of Congress:

  • Rick Crawford: “Charade.”
  • French HIll: “Congressional Democrats care more about undermining the president than finding the truth
  • Bruce Westerman: No response.
  • Steve Womack: “Fueling hysteria and spreading unsubstantiated narratives is dangerous.”

Still waiting for one of them to evince interest in Trump using the Justice Department to go after a political rival. Substitute Obama in the president-provided narrative and imagine what the same group might have said.