‘UNWISE’: Asa Hutchinson’s term for Trump’s call to Ukraine.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is reporting that Gov. Asa Hutchinson, responding to questions from reporters at a meeting in Rogers last night, said that Donald Trump’s recent phone conversation with the leader of Ukraine was “unwise.”


“It was an unwise conversation the president has had,” Hutchinson said. “All we’ve seen is a loose transcript of the conversation. There is not enough in it to say there was a quid pro quo.


“The facts have to be developed,” he said. “Hopefully this can be resolved quickly. No one wants another Mueller-like investigation.”

The quid pro quo is, to me, obvious from the record issued by the White House, the whistleblower complaint and action by the administration. But this is still farther than any other leading Republican politician in Arkansas has been willing to go.

I’d been trying to run down some details of Hutchinson’s meeting Thursday in Rogers with Baptist pastors and others organizing to oppose full legalization of marijuana. According to the Facebook account of one preacher who was there, there was a laying on of hands and prayer for the governor. They fear a ballot initiative for marijuana. From that post:


The governor says it is currently easy to get ballot initiatives on the ballot because there is a lot of George Soros money pouring in to fund them.


I tend to think the ballot initiative is popular because a LOT of Arkansans already use marijuana recreationally.


His strategy sounds to me like the conservative strategy many state leaders around the country are now implementing to try and stop voters from bringing ballot initiatives to the ballots. Tonight they told the crowd not to sign the petitions.

Fact is the Republican legislature has made it extremely hard to qualify ballot initiatives. Fact also is I’m not aware of any ballot initiative backed by Soros. I asked the governor’s office for evidence of Soros involvement in Arkansas initiatives, but haven’t heard back.

Soros’ name for Republican crowds is, of course, Republican catnip. Why not blame him?