No, of course Republican Sen. Jason Rapert couldn’t resist commenting on a federal judge’s indication she’s likely to rule against him in the lawsuit challenging his blocking of critics from his Facebook and Twitter pages.

You’ll find his unhappiness on Facebook. Surprise: He’s made it a money-raising gimmick.


Good VS Evil – Will you stand with us against evil?


Thank you to everyone who has called and sent messages to encourage me today.


The state paper carried a story today stating the American Atheists are being given permission to continue their frivolous lawsuit against me using political activists as plaintiffs. Friends – the very idea that a federal judge would force me or YOU to allow people who use profanity and personal attacks access to your own social media pages is ludicrous. I am not personally “the government” and I do not intend to let anyone abuse any my own pages for their ill intent. I have never blocked anyone for merely disagreeing with me, but I absolutely will stop them from posting misinformation, hijacking my page, using profanity or personally attacking others – see my page rules on this page.


Can you imagine a court demanding a black legislator or Jewish legislator be forced to allow KKK members to keep posting hate messages on their social media pages???


Of course not. It is the same thing when they demand Atheists and Satanists be allowed to keep harassing me and my family by posting hate messages directed at us when we have already received threats and had criminal acts carried out against us.

Anyone who has spent any time at all on this very page can testify that I have people who disagree and post hatred on this page on a continual basis. I stop those who we catch personally, but I cannot police the thousands of comments made by people on some of my posts – it would be impossible.


I know the liberals in this case and inside the court system would love to silence my voice for speaking up for God & Country – but I am determined to stand my ground and defend civility, decency and Christian values. The best way I know how to fight darkness is to shine the light of goodness even brighter – so help us do that by supporting our ministry to do even more for God if you stand with us. You can donate today at:


Here is the link to the news story that ran today:…/judge-rejects-bid-to-dismiss-a…/ It only really has one side of the story, but in time we will get the truth in the record and fight back even harder.

So much baloney. But I think I’ll follow the advice Judge Kristine Baker gave Rapert. Let people speak. Then ignore them.