AMBER GUYGER: Convicted of murder by Dallas jury.

On its second day of deliberation, a jury in Dallas has convicted former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger of murder in the killing last year of Botham Jean, a Harding University graduate who was shot in his own apartment by Guyger, who mistook his apartment for her own.

Believing he was an intruder, Guyger said she shot in self-defense. A judge said the jury could consider that defense and consider either manslaughter or murder charges. A murder charge required proof that Guyger had intended to kill Jean.


The charge carries a penalty of five to 99 years. The jury will now resume deliberations on sentence. The Dallas Morning News said cheers were heard in the hallway after the verdict was announced.

During deliberations, the jury asked questions about the castle doctrine and a manslaughter charge.