PHOTOSHOP NEEDED: Trump, Barr, Perry, Giuliani and others would make good cutouts for the Soprano clan in the HBO series.

The Trump administration continues to deliver in real life a performance worthy of HBO’s Sopranos for its cruelty, immorality and general disrespect for the law.


  • We are abandoning our support of the Kurds in Syria. This aligns U.S. interests, again, with Russia. It also aligns the administration with Turkey, where Donald Trump has a major property.
  • Remember the Soprano mob taking over the garbage business in New Jersey? Consider the Trump gang at work muscling into the gas business in Ukraine.  The Associated Press reports on associates of Rudy Giuliani and Trump “trying to install new management at the top of Ukraine’s massive state gas company. Their plan was to then steer lucrative contracts to companies controlled by Trump allies, according to two people with knowledge of their plans.”
  • The New York Times reports another whistleblower, with reported first-hand knowledge, has emerged on the Ukraine scandal. Who needs a whistleblower? Trump admits all and says he’d do it again.
  • And then there’s William Barr, the U.S. attorney general, globetrotting in a desperate chase of conspiracy theories. He’s acting as Trump’s defense lawyer in hopes of knocking down the overwhelming evidence of Russian intervention on behalf of Trump in the 2016 election.

Well, you woke up this morning
Got yourself a gun….


UPDATE: Forgot to mention a judge has said Trump must turn over tax returns. He’ll appeal. And then maybe, what, defy the court? And from Trump’s Tweetstorm today, one for the ages: