Here’s a letter Johnny Key, the head of the state Education Department, sent to Little Rock school teachers yesterday to formally notify them of the state Board of Education’s union-busting votes less than 24 hours before. He owns them now, in other words.

You think maybe this detailed letter was in the works before Friday?


The air of superiority is what you’d expect, particularly the line about the restoration of the Teacher Fair Dismissal Law that he’d revoked for Little Rock teachers last year. With an end to that “waiver” — legal speak for revoking state law in Little Rock by administrative fiat  — Key now says “I recognize the professionalism of the LRSD staff.” The clear implication is that he did not recognize professionalism or concern for children when  teachers had union representation.

He looks forward, he now says, to “partnership.” How would you feel about partnering with someone who’d insulted you for five years and then couldn’t wait to declare you chattel?


It was insulting and smarmy. Anybody who trusts Key to be a partner with the broader Little Rock community when their wishes conflict with the Walton/Hutchinson/Hussman agenda is naive.