The Trump horror show rolls on. A juvenile letter to the leader of Turkey; a Jerry Springer-style plan to ambush parents of a man killed in England with their son’s killer; betrayal of the Kurds; berating House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at a White House meeting yesterday.


Trump thinks Pelosi’s standing up to his taunts reflects badly on her. Many others see the meltdown on his side of the table.

Meanwhile, constituents of Second District Republican Rep. French Hill have forwarded me his stock response to letters urging him to get serious about the immoral, dishonest, judgment-challenged Donald Trump. They found Hill’s response wanting. You?


Thank you for contacting me regarding President Donald Trump. I appreciate hearing from you and having the opportunity to respond.


I appreciate hearing the concerns of Arkansans and Americans throughout the country. I have always advocated for a civil tone and mutual understanding when it comes to our political disagreements, and I will continue to advocate for civil discourse, vigorous debate, the democratic process, and respect for all.

However, impeachment has consumed Congressional Democrats since the president’s first day in office. The Mueller report did not deliver the impeachment verdict they were hoping for, so now they are trying again with an anonymous whistleblower complaint based off zero firsthand information.


Speaker Pelosi’s decision to move forward with an impeachment inquiry before all of the facts surfaced proves once again that Congressional Democrats care more about undermining the president than finding the truth. Speaker Pelosi caved to the radical wing of her party for what is essentially a partisan political process that goes against both precedent and protocol. The full House voted on articles of impeachment three times since President Trump took office, and each vote has failed by a bipartisan margin with dozens of Democrats voting against impeachment. If this inquiry was more than a political game, then Speaker Pelosi would have brought new articles of impeachment to the floor for a vote already.


Rather than caving to the radical elements in her ranks, Speaker Pelosi should focus on issues important to the American people like securing our southwest border and passing the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). I remain committed and focused on my work to address the important issues facing the people living in the second congressional district of Arkansas and the rest of our country.

High smarm factor, I’d say. The letter is dated Oct. 16, well after the accumulation of evidence of the accuracy of the whistleblower’s information on Donald Trump’s effort to coerce a foreign country to investigate his political rival Joe Biden.