The Senate Judiciary Committee this morning approved Donald Trump’s nomination of Lee Rudofsky to a federal judgeship in the Eastern District of Arkansas,


Carl Tobias, a University of Richmond law professor who follows judicial nominations, says the vote was 12-10 on party lines. Rudofsky, a former top deputy to Attorney General Leslie Rutledge and now working for Walmart, is in keeping with the ultraconservative Republicans with which Trump and the Senate have been stocking the bench. At an earlier hearing, he had said on several occasions in response to Democrats’ questions that he would follow precedent.

Today, Tobias said, Sen. Diane Feinstein, the ranking member, was very critical of positions he took as Arkansas solicitor general on a restrictive voter ID law and on an abortion law. He said Sen. Richard Durbin criticized his bad judgment in signing an amicus brief against same-sex marriage that he later recanted. Tobias said he expects him to be confirmed, but with few Democratic votes.


Rudofsky takes the seat from which Judge Leon Holmes retired.

The Senate, with Republicans in control, has been routinely approving Trump picks.


Rudofsky, though an ideologue, is qualified. But get a load of this joker that the Senate committee also approved, a political hack from Kentucky who produced little evidence of practiciing law. He was a ready quote machine in defense of Brett Kavanaugh.