The big impeachment news this morning is coming testimony from an Army officer assigned to the White House who will talk about his concerns that Donald Trump’s political dealings in Ukraine undermined national security. His concerns extend farther, but he was present when Trump made his fateful call to the leader of Ukraine July 25.

Fox News has already dragged out some of the usual suspects to suggest Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is somehow a spy for Ukraine. He is a decorated Iraq war veteran, wounded by an IED. He’s serving his country as a non-partisan patriot.

Will Sens. Tom Cotton and John Boozman and Reps. French Hill, Rick Caldwell, Steve Womack and Bruce Westerman give any credibility to Vindman? Or will they dismiss his sworn eyewitness testimony as more “fake news,” a growing list of particulars that are all too real.


If they do, boo them if you see them.

At top, just for fun, is Stephen Colbert’s take on the heckling Donald Trump endured during a World Series game Sunday night. Spontaneous heckling of a public figure by a baseball crowd?  It was not a first nor will it be a last. The harrumphing over it — louder than the harrumphing about the misdeeds of the misogynist sociopath it was directed at — is head-scratching. There is no dignity left in the U.S. presidency thanks to the person in office.