Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. reported in October that he was within $1,053.40 of paying off debt from his successful campaign for mayor last year.

He had reported in January that he ended his campaign having spent $245,836 and having raised $171,274, leaving a deficit of more than $74,000. He’s been paying it down since and knocked off more than $12,000 of the remainder in the quarter ending Oct. 15.


He reported almost $9,000 in new contributions in the report filed Oct. 15. Biggest single contributors, of $1,000, were lawyer Brad Hendricks and the Arkansas Issues PAC.  The PAC was established by members of the Mullenix and Associates lobbying firm, headed by the former Republican legislator Ted Mullenix.  The PAC reported no contributions this year, but drew on reserves from previous years, including $5,400 from the Asa for Governor committee.