The Jonesboro City Council failed again last night to come up with a way to name a street for the civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., though the Council fell only one vote short on a proposal to of rename all of Commerce Drive for King.

KAIT reports on rising support for a King tribute and hard resistance from at least four council members. Renaming all of Commerce Drive was a compromise proposed by a “unity” committee, but an outcry and complaints of racism erupted when the resulting ordinance only named future extensions of the street for King. Council member David McClain proposed the amendment to rename the whole street, an idea that fell one vote short. It can be considered again Nov. 19.

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I’d like to think a powerful editorial in the Jonesboro Sun about the shameful earlier action (also about local efforts to suppress a library appearance of an author who’s written on transgender issues) might have had some influence on changes of heart.

Meanwhile, in Kansas City, voters approved repeal of a City Council decision nine months ago that renamed The Paseo, a 10-mile thoroughfare, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.  The vote was overwhelming. Kansas City will return to being one of the few major American cities without a street named for King.