LISA HASSELL: Filing for House.

All 100 House seats are on the ballot this year and we can’t highlight all of the candidates. I look for interesting stories to mention. Such as Lisa Hassell of Alread, a Democratic candidate for House District 68, currently represented by Republican Rep. Stan Berry of Dover.

Her feisty release:

Lisa Hassell officially filed to run for state Representative of District 68, covering  portions of rural Van Buren and Pope Counties. On Wednesday, Hassell filed to run for office  with the Arkansas Secretary of State at the state Capitol building in Little Rock.
As a military widow, a mother, a grandmother, and a Registered Nurse for 36 years, Lisa  Hassell knows well that just being “present” doesn’t get the job done. Her opponent, Stan Berry, hasn’t introduced a single bill in years. District 68 deserves better than another politician who’s only in Little Rock to draw their tax-payer funded salary.
“When politicians continually make it to the November ballot without an opponent, they can get away with not doing the real work to serve their district,” said Hassell. She continued, “District 68 didn’t get to pick it’s current State Representative, because he was the only one on the ballot— but that won’t happen in 2020. District 68 needs a strong voice to protect our rural community hospitals, to ensure our access to real broadband, to preserve our natural heritage, and to Insure care for our veterans and their families.”
Hassell supports improving healthcare, strengthening our public schools, and building rural broadband to ensure the next generation can call Van Buren and Pope Counties home.
Retired after 36 years as a Registered Nurse, Lisa saw the inaction of the current District 68  representative and made the decision to run. She then traveled across her rural district, talking to voters and gathering hundreds of signatures to put her name on the ballot without a filing fee.
She believes this grass-roots campaign will help to propel her to the State House where she can insure the needs of her district and all Arkansans are met.
FYI: Berry was listed as a co-sponsor on legislation in 2019. But, a search of the legislative website for his four terms in the House turn up only four pieces of legislation he sponsored that became law, all allotments of General Improvement Fund money for local spending projects in 2003, a practice the courts have ruled was unconstitutional.