Lee Rudofsky has been confirmed for a federal judgeship in the Eastern District of Arkansas by a 51-41 vote, the minimum required. I got the vote from Carl Tobias, University of Richmond law professor who follows the judicial nomination process.

The vote was identical to a vote to end debate earlier in the week. Rudofsky, a former solicitor general for Arkansas and currently a Walmart attorney, had Democratic opposition for past work against abortion and same-sex marriage, among other views typical of the conservatives Donald Trump has nominated.


The Leadership Conference on Human and Civil Rights, a coalition of civil rights groups, issued this statement following the confirmation:

“Lee Rudofsky has made a career out of curtailing critical civil rights and protections. He has advanced an extreme right-wing agenda on LGBTQ rights, reproductive freedom, and racial justice, among other issues. Without a doubt, he is unfit for the position and will bring bias to the bench.”

People for the American Way chimed in:


“Lee Rudofsky has demonstrated repeatedly that he is a foe of reproductive rights and LGBTQ rights. As solicitor general of Arkansas he refused to honor the Supreme Court ruling in the Obergefell case, and he used his confirmation hearing to underscore his opposition to marriage equality. He fought to defund Planned Parenthood in Arkansas and advocated for a TRAP law and abortion ban.  His intense biases permeate his professional and personal activities, and  unfortunately they now threaten the rights of millions of Arkansans. .”

We shall soon see.