This Rutledge PR exercise is too rich to pass up.


Fake foundations and con artists?

Read more about them here.


Wait there’s more. A fake foundation that took advantage of veterans? Same guy has you covered here.

Coincidentally, Leslie Rutledge today filed presidential candidacy papers in Arkansas for a con artist with a fake foundation, Donald Trump. A memory refresher for the attorney general:


The special website that Donald Trump’s campaign created to raise money for veterans doesn’t actually send funds to veterans. Following his decision to boycott the Fox debate and stage his own rival event supporting “the wounded warriors,” the campaign set up the donation page, which includes a note that the money contributed would go directly to the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

That Foundation is now out of business. The Trump family admits it was misused for personal and campaign purposes and will pay a $2 million fine. Among the particulars:

Among Mr. Trump’s admissions in court papers: The charity gave his campaign complete control over disbursing the $2.8 million that the foundation had raised at a fund-raiser for veterans in Iowa in January 2016, only days before the state’s presidential nominating caucuses. The fund-raiser, he acknowledged, was in fact a campaign event.

Somehow, Rutledge didn’t make this photo with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump’s former liar-in-chief, at filing today.