MICHAEL BLOOMBERG FILES: Behind him is Democratic Party Chair Michael John Gray. Brian Chilson

Michael Bloomberg will do the honors himself to file this morning for a place on the presidential primary ballot in Arkansas.

The former New York mayor’s stops include a mid-morning filing and  lunch afterward with a current mayor,  Frank Scott Jr., at Sims on Broadway. Sounds like a good opportunity for a rack of ribs and a 40 to me.


The billionaire’s arrival in Arkansas drew plenty of press attention. But …. he became the 16th Democrat to file, along with three Republicans, an independent and a Libertarian and this was still with 90 minutes of filing to go. Tulsi Gabbard made it 17 a few minutes later. And then another filer pushed it to 18.

His theory on Arkansas? I’d guess you can spend a relatively small amount to make a splash here. The Democratic primary contains no other big-draw races. The presence of a slew of separate judicial races might attract some voters to the novelty of the Democratic presidential primary. But the Donald Trump base won’t want to forsake their man and the Republican primary to mess with a Democratic primary I wouldn’t think.