Teachers work on handmade signs for tomorrow's strike.

Little Rock School District’s union teachers and supporters are working tonight at the Arkansas Education Association offices assembling posters they plan to carry tomorrow when they begin their one-day strike at 7 a.m., and though some express a bit of trepidation, none are wavering in their support that a strike is necessary to get the attention of the state Department of Education.

Some 3,000 printed posters plead, “Don’t segregate our schools.”


Kristy Mosby, a fifth-grade teacher at Booker Arts Magnet Elementary, which offers with its regular curriculum violin lessons, theater and other arts-related programs. It has been ranked a D because of its ACT Aspire. “It is scary,” she said about striking. “But I believe what we’re doing is right, on behalf of our children. And while it’s scary for me personally, I’m willing to accept that fear to do what’s right for our kids.”

Mosby said she hopes the State Board, which meets tomorrow, and the governor, will “listen and understand that we are willing to do what it takes to fight for our children” and show them that “that we are not just going to stand by and let them destroy our school district” with a flood of charters that will take resources away from the public schools. Mosby said she’s never seen a member of the State Board at Booker, “and that is an issue.” To decertify the union, which the Department of Education has done, “is a slap in the face of teachers.”