Sen. Joyce Elliott’s entry in the 2nd District Congress race to challenge incumbent Republican Rep. French Hill was joined instantly by a good question from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee:



Does Congressman French Hill Agree that Withholding Security Assistance as a Bribe ‘For No Good Reason’ is Wrong?


Last month, Trump administration diplomat Bill Taylor argued that President Trump withholding security aid from Ukraine as a bribe for help with his own domestic political campaign was “crazy.”


Testifying publicly today, he put a finer point on it, arguing that withholding security aid from a nation threatened by Russia—”for no good policy reason, no good substantive reason, no good national security reason”—is “wrong.”

Hill has dismissed the impeachment inquiry as meaningless politics. The country has now been treated to the sober, informed testimony of non-partisan careeer State Department veterans of the crazy behavior of Donald Trump in attempting to extort political favors from a foreign country (and committing enormous security breaches that benefit Russian in the process.)

Is it really nothing, as French Hill and other cowardly members of Congress from Arkansas insist?


This hearing is nothing less than a test of our democracy and American voters. As Committee Chair Adam Schiff said, if what Trump has done is not impeachable, what is? The free pass he’ll be given by validation of this behavior, given what’s already occurred during his tenure, is frightening.