'CHAOS': State Sen. Will Bond objects to state Education Board actions including a legally questionable change to membership of the Little Rock district's community advisory board.

In this day of declining newspapers and staffing, the Arkansas Times still managed to put four reporters and a photographer on the streets today for activities related to the Little Rock teacher strike and the state’s continuing bullying of the Little Rock School District.

For your information, here’s a guide to what’s been done so far, with a longer piece yet to come from Lindsey Millar with more detail on a state Board of Education meeting when critics of the board began pouring their hearts out in support of local control of the district. Schools are now run by the state and that’s the plan for the indefinite future if the Asa Hutchinson-controlled board and department has its way..


SUMMARY: This is a write-through by Max of events of the day, from picketing to student absences to the state Board of Education meeting that ended amid angry chants as the board put off a probably illegal decision on taking still more punitive action against LRSD.

CAPITOL PROTEST: Here’s Rebekah Hall’s coverage of the Capitol protest, at which a big crowd objected to state handling of the district.


THE MORNING LINE: Here’s the report by Rebekah Hall and Leslie Newell Peacock from the morning picket lines outside Little Rock schools.

A THOUSAND WORDS: Here’s a slide show of Brian Chilson’s photos this morning, also appearing elsewhere. He’s the hardest working man in the photo business.


EYE OPENER: Here’s my brief item on joining the picket line at my neighborhood school. Yes, Silverback, you correctly identify my better.

THE LAW: Here’s Lindsey Millar’s report yesterday on a judge’s finding that the LRSD was violating the law in withholding information on school staffing. This issue may arise again. The state Education Department continues to flout the law. It gave me information I’d requested today 17 minutes before a board meeting began although it gave it to the board yesterday. The board recessed and emerged a half-hour later to announce a delay in dealing with controversial subjects. They never took a vote to convene in private session. They cited no justification for a private session. Did they talk among themselves? Don’t know, but if they did, they broke the law. UPDATE: Zook contends 1) information I sought was posted yesterday, they just didn’t tell me and 2) no  business was discussed during today’s recess. She says.

OUTRAGE: Stick around for Lindsey Millar’s post about the public comment period of today’s state board meeting You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, you’ll curse. If you are fair, you might join with Joyce Elliott in wondering what is it, exactly, that the state hates about Little Rock? Black people, maybe?