KATV reports that state Board of Education member Fitz Hill was called out for tweeting about sports events during meetings of the board on the Little Rock School District.

The account for board member Fitz Hill tweeted an article about college football at 1:42 p.m. Thursday. Video shows the meeting was in session and a motion to hear public comments was being discussed at the time.

KATV said Twitter users got on Hill for having more important business at the moment. During a public comment period today, KATV said, Hill appeared to lean back in his chair to study his phone for a time.

Hill told KATV later that he was always aware of what was going on.


“I have several things that I’m obligated to do and I’ve been giving a lot of time to it, but there’s never a time that I’m not astute to what’s going on here,” he said. “I’m always paying attention.”

Some families have rules that say there are certain times when phones must be put away — during meals, in class or while sitting on the board of a public body for oversight of nearly a half-million children and billions in spending.