I’m posting the open line early because of a commitment or two. Also tonight, a report from NEA Report on the death Friday afternoon of a man of what authorities are saying was a heart attack after he was Tased by an officer responding to a medical call.

It happened in Lunsford, in Craighead County. A man who needed medical assistance reportedly became agitated when the first responder in his home was a Bay police officer. Prosecutor Scott Ellington issued this statement to KAIT:

The first volunteer firefighter on the scene was a Bay police officer who was on duty at the time. When the subject in distress realized a police officer was in the house, he became very agitated and initiated an altercation with the officer, Ellington said. During the scuffle, the subject attempted to grab the officer’s service weapon from its holster.

The officer secured his gun, but Ellington said the officer had to “dry stun” the man with a Taser to subdue him sufficiently to handcuff him. The man received treatment at the scene but died of cardiac arrest before reaching a hospital, Ellington said.

The identity of the man who died has not been released.