A few days late, but here’s the memo Republican Sen. Tom Cotton’s campaign distributed to his key backers about how oppo research on Democrat Josh Mahony contributed to Mahony’s decision to quit the race after filing deadline, leaving the Democratic Party in the lurch to Cotton’s great pleasure.

Mahony has been unreachable for anything beyond his terse announcement last Tuesday that he was quitting the race for family health reasons.


The Cotton memo isn’t necessarily wholly reliable. It says, for example, that Clarke Tucker, who ran for 2nd District House in 2018, was doing so to set up a run against Cotton in 2020. Tucker has disputed that. Cotton is probably projecting his own huge ambition in turning to the U.S. Senate after one term in the House. The memo takes credit for Cotton attacks on Tucker in his race against French Hill that drove up his unfavorable rating.

The campaign also takes credit for discovering the inaccuracy of Mahony’s claim of being a small business owner, rather than merely a beneficiary of a family business. This news was first reported by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, which just happened to stumble upon it, no doubt.


But the memo said the Cotton strategy was to hold back the dirt it had dug up until it was too late for anyone else to enter the race.

And then:


There’s more in the memo, including a call for more money for a campaign against an independent and Libertarian candidate and so that Cotton may work in support of other Senate candidates and to re-elect Donald Trump.