The Democratic Attorneys General Association, a political PAC, will announce today that it will only endorse candidates who support the right to access abortion and publicly commit to protecting reproductive rights. 

Access to contraceptives and abortion are, for now, viewed as constitutionally protected by U.S. Supreme Court precedent, so this should be not particularly controversial for a group that works to elect people to the top legal office in the states.


But you need look no further than anti-abortion crusader Leslie Rutledge, the attorney general of Arkansas, and the Republican legislature and governor, to understand that women’s medical rights are under constant attack in many locales.

There will be 12 races for attorney general on the ballot in 2020 (not Arkansas). The Republican PAC that Rutledge has led will be working to elect those intent on ending choice, along with ready access to birth control. Good to learn they won’t be unchallenged.


UPDATE: The Republican Attorneys General Association has now denounced this candidate litmus test. No surprise. I liked this sentence though:

The only litmus test for an attorney general should be a belief in the rule of law and the courage to defend and uphold the constitution.

Rutledge and the rest of this PAC of zealots have been reversed repeatedly while defending lawmaking that defies the Constitution and tries to limit women’s medical autonomy in the name of religion. Rule of law indeed.