KNWA reports that a Homeland Security spokesman has confirmed that its agents visited the Jim Bob Duggar home in Tontitown recently “pursuant to an ongoing investigation.” No other official information was provided.


The Duggar family issued a statement through a publicist later that disputed there’d been a “raid” of the home and that any member of the political reality TV family was a target of any kind of investigation. See the statement above on the family’s Facebook page.

The upshot seems to be that KNWA found an official source for an Internet rumor that had stirred up the many websites, friendly and unfriendly, that follow the doings of the Duggars. It has produced lots of web grist since, a cursory search indicates.


Reporting on the news includes a mention that one of the brood, Josh Duggar, is involved in a civil lawsuit over a real estate transaction. Also that 20-year-old  used car salesman Jed, 10th of the 19 Duggar children, no longer lives at the home. He is challenging Rep. Megan Godfrey of Springdale next year and moved to slide into a Springdale district to oppose Godfrey.

You might ask what Homeland Security investigates: It says:


The HSI investigates human rights violations, immigration crime, human smuggling, export enforcement issues, cybercrime, financial crimes, and the smuggling of weapons and other contraband.

UPDATE: Add a KFSM report to the mix. It indicates Homeland Security has indicated activities related to the business of Josh Duggar.