COURTNEY PLEDGER: AETN chief settles dispute with foundation.

Kyle Massey of Arkansas Business, who’s been covering the topic extensively, reports on the apparent workout of a simmering dispute between Courtney Pledger, director of the Arkansas Educational Television Network, and the nonprofit AETN Foundation that raises money for the public TV network.


His summary:

The Arkansas Educational Television Network Commission briskly voted to approve a compromise with its fundraising arm Tuesday, ending months of feuding with the AETN Foundation. AETN CEO Courtney Pledger will take a seat on the foundation’s board. She will then offer a list of candidates which the foundation will use to hire its next director. One issue not resolved was that of the dismissal of Mona Dixon, the foundation COO who contested her firing as retaliation for her standing up to Pledger on financial matters.

There are also issues remaining about audits critical of Pledger’s handling of various financial matters, including an audit that requires a repayment of $409,000 for misused state grant funds.