WOO PIG BOOZY: Alcohol sales to be allowed for Hog games at War Memorial.

The Southeastern Conference will allow fans attending Razorback football games at War Memorial Stadium to buy beer “in public areas of the stadium.”

Alcoholic beverages at Razorback games were previously only available in suites and private club areas. The new rule, announced by the state Parks Department yesterday, will go into effect for this year’s game, Nov. 29, when the Hogs take on the University of Missouri Tigers at War Memorial.

According to a press release from Arkansas State Parks, “The program will now be expanded to create availability for the purchase of beer to fans 21 years or older within designated public areas in and around the stadium.” Presumably that includes the parking lot outside the stadium.


In a statement, Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Hunter Yurachek said:

By expanding our established alcoholic beverages program to include the sale of beer, we are building on an already successful model while furthering the fan experience in a responsible way. We will now be able to offer this gameday amenity as an option to fans while working to further educate University of Arkansas students and the general public about safe and responsible consumption.

From the press release from Arkansas State Parks:


Consistent with SEC guidelines, alcoholic beverages will be sold and dispensed only at designated stationary locations and not by vendors in seating areas. Identification checks will be required of every person at the point of each sale and alcohol will be dispensed in cups. A limit of two servings per person will be allowed in each transaction. Each beer is $5 and only cash will be accepted. ATMs will be available at the stadium. Sales of alcohol will be halted at the end of the third quarter of the game.