WAR MEMORIAL STADIUM: How many seats will be filled today?

Going to be dead today. It’s not an official state holiday, but the governor, in keeping with tradition, has made it a state day off so government activity today will be slight. Many businesses don’t bother to open, figuring many employees will take leave anyway.


There’s a non-rivalry football game in town. In theory a crowd of 47,000 is necessary at War Memorial Stadium for the Razorbacks to continue making a trip to Little Rock for a game every two years. Surely the requirement will be waived on account of this year’s poor record on top of similar last year. And Missouri? The recently invented “Battle Line” rivalry? An LSU game it is not. And unlikely ever to be.

And what about non-Black Friday shopping? Lots of people will be out in brick-and-mortar stores, no doubt. But an ever increasing amount of commerce is on the Internet, as email boxes stuffed with sale notices attest.


Best make this the open line. I’m expecting a very slow day.