The Pulaski sheriff’s SWAT unit was sent to Duffy Lane off Highway 10 near Lake Maumelle today when a man suspected in a shooting in  Saline County near Hensley this morning barricaded himself in a car. The situation was resolved peacefully after a seven-hour standoff.

Awaiting further details on suspect and the earlier shooting

Also from the cop shop today:


The LRPD sent out an extensive report on a scuffle that broke out Friday night in a Shell convenience store at 10100 N. Rodney Parham Road involving a man seeking to buy a six-pack and some Black and Mild cigars. Multiple allegations of biting were reported in the ensuing fray between the customer and workers in the store. The customer was reportedly drunk and combative, so much so that police used an electronic shocking device on him at the police substation. One person lost a fingertip. Another lost an ear lobe, among other bite wounds. You can read it all at this link. The primary narrative may be found on the last two pages of the PDF.