This Daily Beast article was noted by a reader last night but it deserves more attention. It’s the interview with former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, an object of mockery by Donald Trump as he misdirects attention from his deeds to others.

Page hasn’t spoken publicly before. Writes Molly Jong-Fast:

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I asked her why she was willing to talk now. “Honestly, his demeaning fake orgasm was really the straw that broke the camel’s back,” she says. The president called out her name as he acted out an orgasm in front of thousands of people at a Minneapolis rally on Oct. 11, 2019.


That was the moment Page decided she had to speak up. “I had stayed quiet for years hoping it would fade away, but instead it got worse,” she says. “It had been so hard not to defend myself, to let people who hate me control the narrative. I decided to take my power back.”


She is also about to be back in the news cycle in a big way. On Dec. 9, the Justice Department inspector general report into Trump’s charges that the FBI spied on his 2016 campaign will come out. Leaked press accounts indicate that the report will exonerate Page of the allegation that she acted unprofessionally or showed bias against Trump.


The story is deeper than Trump’s misogyny. The Justice Department also was used politically, others have written, to selectively use Page’s texts to an FBI agent as a weapon. See the Twitter feed of Natasha Bertrand of Politico for lots more: