Little Rock attorneys for Hunter Biden in the paternity case pending against him in Independence County have asked to withdraw as his counsel in the case.

In a motion signed by Dustin McDaniel for himself, Bart Calhoun and Jessica Johnston, they said they were required to withdraw because of an “irreconcilable conflict.” That conflict was not identified.


The motion also said withdrawal was required because on Nov. 30, “defendant’s personal attorney notified undersigned counsel of discharge,” also ground for mandatory withdrawal.

Pending before the court was a motion Biden’s lawyers had filed last week asking for a delay in a hearing today on temporary child support. Biden, son of the former vice president and a current news figure in the Trump impeachment inquiry, has acknowledged a DNA test established him as the likely father of the child of Lunden Alexis Roberts of Batesville, who is seeking child support. But he said he hadn’t been able to complete a financial affidavit in time for the hearing. His attorneys also are trying to reach an agreement on a protective order for Biden’s financial information against public disclosure. They said they feared the information would be used “maliciously.” Biden said he hadn’t worked since May.


The motion for withdrawal filed today said it had originally been submitted Wednesday. Then, on Thursday, a holiday, the document said attorneys asked the clerk not to file the motion if it had not been file marked before the close of business Wednesday. But, in any case, today’s motion said, a withdrawal is now being sought, both for a conflict and because the client had subsequently decided to discharge the attorneys.

I’ve been unable to reach any of the attorneys for further explanation. The motion said the lawyers would take all steps necessary to protect Biden’s interest until he obtains a new lawyer.


The withdrawal motion was served on attorneys in the case. Also receiving a notice was George Mesires, a Chicago lawyer who represented Biden in financial matters and issued a statement about that work in October.

No continuance order was filed in the case and the court begin hearing motions at 9:30 a.m.

UPDATE: The online court record system says Roberts’ attorney, Clint Lancaster, filed to set a hearing in the case Jan. 7. No word as yet whether the judge took action this morning on temporary support or the motion to withdraw as counsel. But the record does indicate Biden submitted an affidavit of financial means. It is not posted online.

CORRECTION: The affidavit filed today was for Lunden Roberts, not for Biden.


FURTHER UPDATE: Judge Don McSpadden didn’t grant a continuance today, but he gave Biden 10 more days to file the affidavit. With information incomplete, there was no order on temporary support. The judge also approved the motion for Biden’s attorneys to withdraw. No information was given about why the withdrawal was requested or about whom the successor attorney might be. McSpadden warned attorneys about protecting the confidentiality of financial records and talking to the press.