This is a most interesting interview by Howard Stern of Hillary Rodham Clinton. The point in the New York Post account is to suggest that she’s keeping the door open to a run for president next year.


A larger point is one I’ve long made, despite legions who disagree, sometimes violently: Hillary CAN be funny and relatable, in addition to being tough, smart and energetic. No, of course, she doesn’t have Bill’s charisma, as she readily admits in this interview.

The clip at top is a section of the interview in which she talks about her attendance at the Trump inauguration. Plenty more at his website.


Stern’s listeners apparently were charmed. From the Post article:

Never has Hillary Clinton sounded this relaxed, conversational and, yes, human. She sounded like anyone you may know. None of Howard’s verbiage — “Do you ever just lay in bed and say, ‘F–k this, I’m getting out’?” — left her flummoxed.


Hillary proved she could hang.


Howard’s listeners agreed, flooding the airwaves after she left.


“She moved me to tears,” said one female listener. “If she had only come on when she was running, she would have won.”


“I did, three years ago, vote for Trump, but if she had come on during the election, my vote would have swung 150 percent.”


“I’m a conservative. I’ve always hated Hillary. This interview changed my [mind] … I had no idea how cool she was.”