AP ACES: Governor with cash prize winners.

The state Education Department today said $119,300 had been awarded to 153 students from 20 schools for scoring high enough — three or higher on a five-point scale — to qualify for college credit through the Advanced Placement exam in computer science.


The awards are $250 for a 3, $750 for a 4 and $1,000 for a five.

The Department said these 10 schools reaped the most rewards:

  • Haas Hall Academy: $18,700
  • Fort Smith School District: $17,150
  • Little Rock School District: $15,900
  • Rogers School District: $14,150
  • Fayetteville School District: $9,100
  • Bentonville School District: $8,500
  • Valley View School District: $7,500
  • Conway School District: $5,250
  • Russellville School District: $4,250
  • Springdale School District: $4,200

Also on the computer front today, Gov. Asa Hutchinson (who lauded AP prize winners at a news conference) announced the formation of a task force to assess the state’s computer and cybersecurity education programs. More details and the members here.