Brent Langdon, whose law office is in Texarkana, Texas, filed notice in Independence County circuit court today that he is representing Hunter Biden in the paternity case brought by Lunden Alexis Roberts.

Biden’s previous attorneys, inclluding former Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, had announced they wanted to withdraw from the case because of an undisclosed conflict,  then Biden terminated their employment.

The filing today made no other reference to pending matters. Biden and Roberts have been ordered by Circuit Judge Don McSpadden to provide full financial statements by Dec. 12. The judge has said he expects to rule on paternity, said to have been confirmed by DNA testing, and child support. He has ordered attorneys to keep financial information secret and suggested they limit communications with the press.

Roberts’ attorney, Clint Lancaster of Benton, has talked frequently to media. He has Republican ties. It so happens the Republican Party is trying to use Hunter Biden and his past work in Ukraine and China as a cover for the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s extortion of a former government to get dirt on Biden’s father, the former vice president.


The website for Langdon’s law firm, Langdon and Davis, says Langdon has 25 years of experience in Texas and Arkansas and background including being certified as a family law specialist.

UPDATE: Other filings in the case today include a series of proposed “admissions” sought by Lancaster from Biden, heavily focused on his work for Ukraine and Chinese employers. Some of the questions are redacted as to financial specifics. Biden’s new attorney filed a motion responding to Lancaster’s request for $11,000 in attorney fees and costs. He asked that it be denied.