SHINING LIGHT: Today’s Washington Post.

The Washington Post’s journalism continues to compare more than favorably with the both-siderism that seems to mark so much of New York Times coverage of late.


Cases in point are strong headlines this morning on important stories.

First impeachment: 


Day of history accentuates distortions of truth in Trump era.

Then there’s their followup on the Afghanistan Papers blockbuster, about the false promises of progress in Afghanistan over three presidential administrations:


U.S. wasted billions of dollars in colossal effort to rebuild Afghanistan, documents reveal.

Truth is in short supply these days. But a good 42 percent of the voters seem happy to swallow fiction in the name of tribal defense. Case in point, Arkansas congressmen: I didn’t expect any of the Republicans  to signal support for impeachment, though the case is built on simple facts.  You can, I think, argue that Trump’s efforts to win political help from Ukraine in return for military support was not a high crime or misdemeanor . (Arguing in favor of stonewalling Congress is harder.) But a principled person would at least admit the Ukraie foray and so many of Trump’s other actions are unseemly.

A principled person also would admit that Russia interfered in the 2016 election and the FBI investigation of Trump campaign collusion was well-founded, but that FBI procedures were shoddy in many cases (and included agents deeply opposed to Clinton as well as some opposed to Trump.)

The Post and others are supplying the required light on these matters. But Trump is well on his way to making real journalism irrelevant.