The attorney for a woman seeking child support from Hunter Biden, the presidential candidate’s son, says Biden is resisting answering his questions and has asked the judge to compel him to provide certain information.

Clint Lancaster, attorney for Lunden Alexis Roberts of Independence County, argued in a motion that Biden had refused to answer certain questions dating back to August and would continue to do so without an order.


Lancaster contends he wants “basic information about income, finances and lifestyle.” But Biden’s attorney has responded in answers to certain questions that they are variously overbroad, irrelevant to child support, an invasion of privacy and designed to “annoy, embarrass or oppress” Biden.

The judge has ordered Biden to produce by Thursday five years of income tax returns and to report all source of income, including gifts, during that time.


Biden has resisted questions about, among others, telephone numbers and address, all banks with which he’s done business and all businesses he’s owned. He’s also said if the judge does compel answers to some of the questions he’s resisted, that they be covered by a protective order.

A hearing on a formal finding that Biden fathered the child and setting child support is scheduled Jan. 7. The child is a year old. Biden has acknowledged his likely paternity. He met Roberts while she was going to school and working in Washington. He’s since divorced from the mother of his three children and remarried.


Here’s today’s filing.

Lancaster, who has Republican connections, happens to stir this case further as the House nears an impeachment vote in which Donald Trump has desperately tried to shift attention to Hunter Biden.