The holiday news slowdown is upon us with the world sliding into, for many, effectively a five-day holiday through Christmas. That’s OK. I need no more news about how Arkansas is reducing services to poor people (see D-G today on state decision to cut hours for critical home care for  the infirm rather than pay minimum wage for existing levels of service). But, on the comfort and joy front,  the governor is building up his surplus to pass out in corporate welfare payments and to stock up for another tax cut for the wealthy. Ho, ho, ho.


The gym was busy today. But there were plenty of parking places in the shopping center I visited for a couple of small items. As for news: I’m empty.

However, I thought I’d share:

  • The Tweet at top from Austin Kellerman, former news director at KARK, of a 69-car pileup on a foggy, icy stretch of interstate in Virginia. The prospect for ice and snow for Christmas here is low. Though mid-60s in Little Rock is a touch warmer than I’d like for the feast day.
  • For those on Tuesday garbage runs in Little Rock. A newspaper notice said Little Rock government was closed Tuesday, which left me wondering how garbage and recycling runs on Tuesday could run a day late, as the newspaper also indicated. A helpful City Hall denizen cleared it up. City government IS open Tuesday. Monday and Tuesday solid waste runs will proceed on schedule. Wednesday runs will be delayed a day.
  • Good laugh of the day. Donald Trump was a winner at the polls at last