Associated Press polling reveals stark differences between evangelical Christians and other faiths on hot-button issues.

Bottom line: In times of trouble, if you’re playing the odds, don’t go first to evangelicals for help.


Matched against Catholics, white mainline protestants, nonwhite Protestants and the nonreligious, the evangelicals are:

  • The most in favor (67% pro) of making abortion illegal, with limited exceptions.
  • Least likely (56% pro) among the groups to favor tax increases for the wealthy.
  • Least likely (50% pro) to favor increased assistance for the poor.
  • Overwhelmingly (67% con) opposed to providing discrimination protection for LGBT people at work, in housing and at school.
  • Most likely to support (but, admittedly, only 29% pro) separating children from parents attempting to enter the U.S. illegally.