Our news partner KARK/Fox 16 reports on an interview with Hot Springs gun club operator Jan Morgan, a failed Republican gubernatorial candidate in 2018, whose apartment was struck by gunfire Dec. 31.

On Facebook today, Morgan refers to the shooting as an assassination attempt. In an initial report to the Garland County sheriff’s office, Morgan reported that five shots were fired at the Gun Cave on Blacksnake Road while she was sleeping with her husband in an upstairs apartment, according to the Hot Springs Sentinel-Record. Deputies found five bullet holes, including one that hit the headboard of her bed. KARK reports on the interview:


Morgan said being a controversial public figure, she’s been getting death threats for the past 10 years; however this time, she said felt different.


“The people that threaten you on social media, those people are usually just blowhards. It’s the guy that doesn’t tell you he’s coming that you need to worry about and this was different,” said Morgan.


Which is why she thinks this is more than a drive-by shooting.

“They’ve thrown out the possibility of domestic terrorism, I’ve thrown out assassination attempt, drive-by shooting and I think only after the investigation we will know for sure,” said Morgan.


This situation would frighten anyone, but not Morgan. She’s taking a different stand.

“I invited them back if you think you are such a tough guy come on back and show us what you’ve got,” said Morgan.