A Little Rock police detective has been placed on leave following a reported arrest for domestic assault.

Eric Barnes of LRPD released this statement this morning:


We received notification early yesterday morning of the arrest of one of our employees, John Brawley. The criminal charge of Domestic Assault 3rd is being investigated by an agency in another jurisdiction.  Detective Brawley has been placed on Administrative Leave as a result of this incident and an Internal Investigation will be conducted by our departments Professional Standards Section

Brawley is one of many officers on the force who do not live in Little Rock but are provided city vehicles and furnished gas and fuel to use them to commute to their homes.

UPDATE: He faces a charge filed by Benton police of third-degree assault on a family or household member. He’ll be arraigned in district court in Benton Feb. 10.


A Benton police report says Brawley’s wife Angela said he’d pushed her out of a doorway in their home during an argument around midnight Wednesday that began after she asked if he’d been taking testosterone pills or steroids again. She said she had found testosterone pills in his gym bag. The officer’s report said an arrest was required because of the allegation of physical contact, though Angela Brawley said she didn’t believe her husband had intended to hurt her. According to the police report, Angela’s daughter heard the argument, including her mother telling Brawley not to push her, but didn’t witness the alleged contact. She called the police at her mother’s instruction.