Some empty political grandstanding from Sen. Missy Irvin and other Arkansas Republican senators, distributed by the publicly paid Senate information office:

Senator Missy Irvin of Mountain View filed a resolution Friday on behalf of the Republicans in the state Senate, urging a speedy resolution of the impeachment process in Congress and condemning those members of the House of Representatives in Washington who approved articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump.

The resolution is scheduled for consideration at the January 17 meeting of the Legislative Council.


Here is her statement:


“On behalf of my entire Republican Senate Caucus, I filed this resolution today to encourage the United States Senate to act as quickly as possible within their full constitutional authority regarding the impeachment process and to condemn the actions of some members of the House of Representatives for passing and holding articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump. The partisan games being played in the halls of Congress are hurting the people of Arkansas and this country. It is time to deal with the issues at hand and to move on to the important work of protecting our country, our soldiers abroad and to continue to improve our strong economy.

If she really wanted work done, she’d pass a resolution urging Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell to take up the hundreds of pieces of valuable legislation sent to the Senate by Nancy Pelosi’s hard-working House.


Irvin apparently supports extortion of a foreign country for personal political gains and obstructing congressional fact-finding.  Efforts to delve into this are merely partisan games, she says. The majority of Americans, if not the majority of Arkansans, hold a different view, recent polling indicates.