Democrats are holding a special primary today for House District 34 to nominate a candidate to finish the term of Rep. John Walker, who died in October.

The candidates, in alphabetical order:

Ryan Davis, 41, the director of the UALR’s Children International.

Lee Miller, 34, an attorney.


Joy Springer, 63, office manager at Walker’s law firm.

H. “Otis” Tyler, 73, the retired assistant dean at the UAMS College of Pharmacy.

A small number of early ballots have already been cast. Polls are open until 7:30 tonight.

The winner of the primary will almost certainly take the seat in this deep-blue Little Rock district, though the Democrat will still have to top independent candidate Roderick Talley in the general election. Talley is an advocate for police reform who has been featured in the Washington Post’s investigative work on police abuses in Little Rock; Talley’s disputes with police are ongoing and he is currently facing criminal charges.