With its big plate glass windows facing Markham Street and Kavanaugh Boulevard, Little Rock’s Oyster Bar is a great place to grab a bite and a drink while watching the world go by. But for decades, it’s been primarily a people-watching paradise for beer lovers. Now, LROB patrons can enjoy champagnes, an expanded wine list – and, with the Oyster Bar’s mixed drink permit, the inclusion of delicious freshly-made cocktails. 

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Chiefly featured among the addition of cocktails to the Oyster Bar’s expanded drink menu will be “a really, really good Margarita,” new owner Chris Tanner said. “We’ll be using fresh-squeezed limes and lemons in our cocktails – fresh-squeezed to order.” 


And although at some point in mid-2020 there will be a back deck installed with southerly views to enjoy, that’s pretty far down Tanner’s to-do list at present, and is part of “the final phase” of construction.

Tanner also notes they’re opening up windows in both the restaurant and party room that have been covered up for years – so, day by day, the views from the Oyster Bar are looking ever-sweeter.


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