BIDEN: Dodges mandated court appearance as deal is reached. Wikimedia Commons/Center for nter for Strategic and International Studies

A temporary agreement on child support has been reached in the Hunter Biden paternity suit and attorneys are asking the judge to postpone the contempt hearing this week that Biden was ordered to attend, Frank Lockwood reports at the Democrat-Gazette.

“He’s doing the right thing by finally stepping up and paying what he should’ve been paying,” the plaintiff’s attorney told Lockwood, who has been following the case closely at the D-G.


Lunden Alexis Roberts, filed the paternity lawsuit last May against Biden seeking child support. Court filings showed that DNA testing established that Biden was the father of Roberts’ child, now 17 months old.

Independence County Circuit Judge Holly Meyer last week ordered Biden to appear in court this Wednesday, Jan. 29, to respond to a motion for contempt filed against him by Roberts’ attornes.


But Roberts’ attorney, Clint Lancaster, now says that hearing is no longer necessary. “He’s going to begin paying monthly child support,” he told the D-G. “He’s going to pay retroactive child support back to November of 2018. And he’s going to pay attorney’s fees and costs.” Biden’s counsel confirmed the tentative agreement.

Otherwise a routine paternity case, this squabble has attracted interest because Biden the son of former Vice-President Joe Biden, currently a Democratic candidate for president. Hunter Biden has become a central fixation of Republicans grasping for defenses of Donald Trump’s unrelated misbehavior in the impeachment imbroglio. (Still pending in the Independence County paternity case are two intervention requests claiming that Hunter Biden’s past business dealings in Ukraine and China are relevant to the case, though they may be rendered moot as well if the agreement holds.)


Lancaster, who along with co-counsel and wife Jennnifer Lancaster are connected to the state Republican party leadership, reported in court filings seeking reimbursement for attorneys’ fees $1,000 in billing related to communicating with media or reading media accounts, including a $75 charge for listening to right-wing talk show host Hugh Hewitt talk to Sen. Tom Cotton about Hunter Biden.

Lancaster told the D-G that “there is no political motivation whatsoever” to the case and the timing with the impeachment trial was a coincidence. He said the case should have been wrapped up months ago. “She’s a mom who needs child support, and I’m a lawyer who is going to get it for her,” he said.

Cotton will have to find something else to petulantly tweet about during the impeachment trial.