BIDEN: Dodges mandated court appearance as deal is reached. Wikimedia Commons/Center for nter for Strategic and International Studies

A circuit court judge yesterday accepted the temporary agreement on child support in the paternity lawsuit against Hunter Biden.

Lunden Alexis Roberts, filed the paternity lawsuit against Biden last May in Independence County, seeking child support. Court filings showed that DNA testing established that Biden was the father of Roberts’ child, now 17 months old.

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Biden has agreed to pay monthly child support beginning in February, as well as retroactive child support dating back to Nov. 1, 2018. He also agreed to pay for the costs and fees of Roberts’ attorneys. The retroactive amounts and attorneys’ costs are due in full on March 1.

The amounts in all cases were redacted. No reason was given for the redactions; such amounts are not always redacted in paternity cases. [UPDATE: Asked about the redactions, Roberts’ attorney, Clint Lancaster, stated in an email: “the sealing of that information is best for the child given the circumstances of the case at this time.”]


Independence County Circuit Judge Holly Meyer had previously ordered Biden to appear in court tomorrow to answer a motion for contempt for failing to provide financial information. With this temporary agreement, reached by attorneys for both parties, in place, Biden no longer needs to appear tomorrow, Meyer said in her order. However, she ordered that Biden still must provide the relevant financial information. If he does so by March 1, the motions for contempt will be dismissed.

Once that information is provided, Meyer said in her order, the child support payment amounts may be adjusted up or down. Any adjustment will also be retroactive — Biden would have to pay additional amounts if the monthly required payment is bumped up or receive a credit on future payments if it moves down.


Here’s the order.