Gage Skidmore

For further evidence that President Trump is a prevaricating elitist poor-bashing brute, see his $4.8 trillion budget that would cut food stamps, the Children’s health insurance program and Medicaid and gut the Environmental Protection Agency by cutting its budget by 26 percent. And eliminate subsidized federal student loans. All while preserving tax cuts for the very rich and corporations and spending more on the military, of course. It would even cut Medicare. Remember him saying he was going to leave it alone? No surprise, of course, that he was lying.

Why does Trump have it in for children, the greatest beneficiaries of food stamps? The greatest country on earth won’t pay to keep poor children healthy and says to hell with the elderly and disabled? Where was Trump when Los Angeles’ air was poisoned by smog? When the Cuyahoga River caught on fire because it was so polluted with industrial waste? 

Economist Paul Krugman nailed it in his Dec. 23 column:

… the explosion of the budget deficit under Trump shows that Republican claims to care about fiscal responsibility were always humbug, that they’re perfectly willing to slash taxes on the rich without offsetting spending cuts. Furthermore, because America spends relatively little money helping the poor, even harsh cuts — like the Trump administration’s new rules on food stamps, which will hurt hundreds of thousands — will at best save only tiny amounts compared with the cost of tax cuts.

And in important cases, the right is so eager to hurt low-income Americans that it’s willing to do so even if there are no budget savings at all.

Note Krugman’s reference to Adam Serwer’s article in The Atlantic, about the racism and misogyny of Trump and his supporters. “The Trump era is such a whirlwind of cruelty that it can be hard to keep track,” he writes.