GEORGE PROCTOR: Photo from his time as a Marine in Vietnam.

More than 1,100 2,000 former Justice Department employees (and the number continues to rise) have signed a letter calling on William Barr to resign as attorney general for his meddling in prosecutions related to Donald Trump.

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Noted: Signatories include George Proctor, U.S. attorney in Little Rock under administrations of both Democrat Jimmy Carter and Republican Ronald Reagan from 1979 to 1987. The Cotton Plant native retired as an immigration judge and now lives in San Francisco. He commented on Facebook that he was proud to add his name and also wondered how the political meddling might affect DOJ’s ability to attract highly qualified attorneys, such as those who resigned from the Michael Flynn case after an intervention in the sentencing cheered by Trump.

Also noted: Bud Cummins, who led the campaign for Donald Trump in Arkansas and who influenced a pardon for a Medicaid fraudster prosecuted by the Justice Department, is decidely NOT among those callling for Barr’s resignation. Cummins was ousted as a Bush-era U.S. attorney in a scheme to advance the political career of Tim Griffin, the Bush vote cager now running for Arkansas governor.




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