An update on the special election for House District 34, which ended in a tie election day between Ryan Davis and Joy Springer to serve out the late John Walker’s term this year:

Each received 372 votes. Since then, the Pulaski County Election Commission has resolved two provisional ballots cast but not counted election day. Those ballots will not be counted because the voters were found to live outside District 34 and ineligible to vote in that election. A provisional absentee ballot that didn’t include required ID also had until noon today to submit additional paperwork for the ballot to be counted, but hadn’t submitted anything to the Election Commission by the deadline.


Friday is the deadline for counting overseas or military ballots. Five were requested for this election. To date, one has been returned but not yet opened and counted. So it’s possible, if no other ballots are received, that one vote could decide the election.

If the late ballots don’t break the tie, it will be left to the Democratic Party to call a special convention of delegates who are residents of District 34 to choose a nominee. There is no Republican candidate. The special election to fill the seat for the remainder of the year will be March 3, the same day as the primary for the term beginning in 2021. Davis and Springer are candidates in that election as well, along with Lee Miller.


ALSO: The Election Commission meets at 5 p.m. today. It will recount the election day ballots so there’s also a chance that recount might produce a change in the unofficial tie vote. CORRECTION: The commission will discuss procedures for the recount today but do the recount tomorrow.