Elizabeth Warren is smart, tough and progressive and those traits carried the Democratic debate last night.


Billionaire Michael Bloomberg did so poorly his staff was left to alibi that he was just finding his debate footing and would do better next time.

I thought New Yorker humorist Andy Borowitz had the best take on Bloomberg, who managed to make his record on women even worse by seeming to claim THEY preferred non-disclosure agreements to settle complaints about his misbehavior and commenting that he’d been nice to SOME women. Some Borowitz:


Shortly after the Democratic Presidential debate on Wednesday night, aides to Michael Bloomberg announced that he would spend ten billion dollars to buy an entirely new personality.


Acknowledging that some attributes of the former New York mayor’s new personality have yet to be ironed out, campaign advisers indicated that the eleven-figure outlay would be used to purchase warmth, empathy, and humanity.

Commentators seem to think Bernie Sanders profited by attacks mostly addressed elsewhere, though Bloomberg drew blood on the socialist by noting his three homes including a $600,000 summer “camp.” Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar didn’t advance their campaigns with their quarreling. And Joe who?

Many in media think the Democrats should focus more on Trump and less on each other, but differentiation is important for primary votes. I still think playing the “electability” card is a bad way to decide a vote (though, again, Warren illustrated some “electability” points in her favor).


I decided opening day to vote for the candidate who demonstrated smarts, toughness and policy views closest to my own (if not perfectly so). Last night further increased my desire to see Elizabeth Warren on a debate stage with Donald Trump. She’d eat his lunch, just as she ate Bloomberg’s (who is not a fake billionaire).

A local debate note: Lots of social media action on this Twitter post, in which Arkansas politico Greg Hale is the mystery man with Bloomberg: