A news release from the Pulaski County Election Commission late today says they’ve located a missing ballot cast for Ryan Davis in the special election for House District 34. Its absence in a recount gave Joy Springer a one-vote lead with one overseas ballot yet to be opened and counted.

Will the found ballot now count and return the race to a tie with the one ballot remaining? The Election Commission meets at 5 p.m. tomorrow to decide the final outcome of the special Democratic primary to succeed the late John Walker.

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The winner will face independent Roderick Talley in the March 3 special election to fill the seat this year. Both Democratic  candidates are on the ballot March 3 in the regular election for a full term beginning next year.

This is what the Election Commission announced this evening. In explaining the chain of events, the news release said the incident reinforced the need for better voting machinery.


UPDATE: Election Commisioner Joshua Price says the ballot WILL be counted, which puts the race again at 372-372, with one ballot to be counted Friday.